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ASICS Jolt 3, Scarpe da Corsa Donna Nero Lilac Opal


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ASICS Jolt 3, Scarpe da Corsa Donna Nero Lilac Opal

  • Materiale esterno: Sintetico
  • Fodera: Sintetico
  • Materiale suola: Gomma
  • Chiusura: Stringata
  • Tipo di tacco: Senza tacco
  • Larghezza scarpa: Normale

Spedizione gratuita, consegna veloce!

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2 recensioni per ASICS Jolt 3, Scarpe da Corsa Donna Nero Lilac Opal

  1. Recensioni migliori da Italia Customer

    Il colore reale delle scarpe lo potete vedere nella foto che allego(fosforescenti!!) COMPLETAMENTE DIVERSO DA COME APPARE NELLA PUBBLICITÀ (rosa)

  2. carta monica

    I suffer from plantar fasciitis and used to wear ASICS but changed to a different brand which were comfortable but just didn’t support my foot the way I had been accustomed to.My plantar then flared up again and with working long hours on my feet it was time to get some input from physio and podiatrist. I was advised by physio to return to ASICS or another shoe which was firmer at heel and ankle, a tougher cup, to help support foot in a better position.Onto Recensioni migliori da Italia for a quick search, I was a bit wary as I had tried with another company and they kept getting the size wrong so I was concerned I would have the same experience.However, I needn’t have worried my trainers arrived on time and fitted perfectly. Now all ASICS trainers I have used before I go up a size due to fit for comfort. I would usually wear an 8/9 trainer.On this occasion I seen the 9.5UK were £25 it seemed like a bargain I couldn’t pass up. As they were for work plain black and white was perfect.These where a little snugger than my usual 9s so I’m glad I went up the half size in these. I have a reasonably broad foot and they fitted really comfortably they didn’t feel restrictive or too narrow.The shoes have a breathable mesh upper so they aren’t completely waterproof. The trainer is quite lightweight and supportive.On wearing for a few days I found my foot was slightly better, not greatly improved but some relief. I have to get special insoles as well but I’m hoping with the exercises and better support my pain can be reduced.Update: within three months of wearing, at least three or four times a week just walking about not running the back of trainer inside started to wear away. This doesn’t allow for the most comfortable support at the heel where I need it most so it will probably be another pair of trainers needed. Would have expected them to last a little longer than this, wear was evident from about three months of use but by fourth month they weren’t as comfortable and noticeable rubbing at heel.

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